Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 4 pm – 12 pm

For special events we open on Sundays and Mondays.
Lukket 231217 – 020118


Wolfgang Lindell

Trained as a brewmaster and maltster from Munich. Has brewed beer on both a small and a large scale all over the world.

Alexander Skjefte

Manager of PUB OG KJØKKEN. Trained as a waiter, wine sommelier and beer sommelier. Busy father of young children and passionate Rosenborg supporter.

Beer is not a machine! It is an agricultural product tied to provenance and people that keeps me grounded to reality.

Brewery ambassador

Kristian Berger

Kristian Berger was born at E.C. Dahls Stiftelse (E.C. Dahl’s Foundation), a hospital for newborns and infants funded from E.C. Dahl’s estate. His first beer was a Dahl’s Pils – and since then, much of his life has been focused on beer and E.C. Dahls. Now he is our brewery ambassador. Whatever your question, you are welcome to ask Kristian.

Every beer has its history – beer creates and conjures up a space for stories.


It’s a long way from lademoen to brooklyn, but the love for beer is the same.


Anders Berg Myrstad

Chef at PUB OG KJØKKEN. Educated at one of the world’s foremost culinary colleges - The Culinary Institute of America. He has previously lived in Brooklyn, and has extensive experience as a cook in both Norway and New York.

Garrett Oliver

Has been involved in developing several hundred beers in recent decades – at Brooklyn Brewery, at our sister brewery Nya Carnegie, out in the world with other brewers and now together with us right here at E.C. Dahls Brewery.