Back in the 19th century, German immigrants made Brooklyn one of America’s most important places for beer brewing. At the beginning of the 20th century, Brooklyn had nearly 50 breweries, and brewers were key figures in community life. By about 1950, breweries had disappeared from Brooklyn, due to Prohibition and the commercialization of brewing. When war correspondent Steve Hindy laid down his pen in 1984 to pursue his hobby of home brewing on a large scale, his motto was “Bring back good beer to NYC”. Brooklyn Brewery was established. The brewery’s flavoursome and innovative brews played a key role in the American craft beer revolution, and today it is still regarded as one the world’s leading craft breweries.

Brew master Garrett Oliver joined the team in 1994, and Brooklyn gained one of the greatest stars in the world of beer. Brooklyn Brewery has been an important player in the local community, and it has contributed to making Brooklyn a popular tourist destination and place to live today. Per inhabitant, Trondheim is the world’s largest city for the brewery’s beer. It’s a long way from Lademoen to Brooklyn, but the love for beer is the same. After meeting beer enthusiasts from the Trøndelag region and discovering the expertise of Trondheim’s brewing community, the group from Brooklyn Brewery was convinced: They wanted to be involved in the revitalization of E.C. Dahls Brewery.